Location d'outils hydraulique, pompe, serrage.
  • Single and double action cylinders from 5T to 300T
  • Electric or manual hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic accessories (hoses, manifold, gauges…)
  • Torque wrenches
Location palanLocation de planLocation de palan
  • Manual chain hoists from 1/2T to 30T
  • Electric hoists from 1/4T to 10T
  • Ratchet puller from 1T1/2 to 6T
  • Cable winches from 1/2T to 10T
  • Air hoists from 3T to 30T
  • Plain trolley from 1/2T to 20T
  • Geared trolley from 1T to 10T
  • Motorized trolley 110V – 2T
  • Rollers from 7.5T to 15T
Location de ponts et de poutres
  • Gantries from 1/2T to 5.5T
  • Beams 8’, 12’ or 15’
Cellules de chargeTirfor
  • Loadcells from 5T to 20T
  • Tirfor from 1.5T to 3T